RETN offers classes and instruction to help educators, students and non-profits make the most of television production and distribution. Are you ready to Watch & Learn?
RETN is a full-service production company in Burlington, Vermont, staffed with industry veterans and equipped with the latest technology. From scripting, to production, to editing, to the finished product, RETN is available for hire.
As part of our mission, RETN allows members to make use of our professional-grade production equipment. See what’s available and reserve the gear you need.
Interested in a career in television? High school and college students get real-world, hands-on experience in video production, video editing and small business development at RETN. Find an internship that’s right for you.
RETN distributes videos that have an educational objective. If you have a video that you’d like to distribute online or on the air, find out what’s involved. Submit your video to RETN now.