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Youth Programs and Workshops

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Upcoming Youth Programs

The Media Factory provides workshops specifically for youth and teens for schools and with our community partners. Our upcoming workshops are below. Email us at to discuss how we can bring our programs to your school or community. Please use the links to register with our community partners.

  • Action Filmmaking: Green Screen & Special Effects with FlynnCamps

    Winter Break Camp - February 24-28, 2020 8:30am-3pm, extended day available.
    Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: Production at The Flynn Center
    Thursday & Friday: Editing and Effects at The Media Factory

    Please note: February and April Vacation Camp registration opens on 12/4 to members and on 12/7 to the public.
    Delve into the world of filmmaking special effects while making your own mini-blockbuster! Over the course of this class, students will learn the basics of cinematography, digital film editing, and post-production while working with industry-standard editing applications such as iMovie and Garageband. Students will leave with skills in cinematography, editing, green screen production, and in-camera tricks while working on their own original short film projects! Films will be presented in a live screening and talkback at the Media Factory!

Videos Produced with Media Factory Youth Media Programs