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Words on Ice: Canada's Greatest Hockey Writers

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Sportswriter Stephen Brunt and poet Randall Maggs read from their work and talk about the role of hockey in their writing.

Stephen Brunt, a columnist at the Globe and Mail, is Canada's premier sportswriter and commentator. About his most recent book, Gretzky's Tears: Hockey, Canada, and the Day Everything Changed, the Montreal Gazette wrote "Long the consensus pick as Canada's best sportswriter, Brunt has probably earned the right to be called one of our best writers, period." His previous book, the #1 national bestselling Searching for Bobby Orr, was called "not only one of the best hockey books ever, but a book that transcends hockey" by the Edmonton Journal.

Randall Maggs is the author of two collections, Timely Departures (1994) and Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems (2008). Night Work is a hockey saga, wrapping the game's story in the "intense, moody, contradictory" character of Terry
Sawchuk, one of its greatest goalies. In compact, conversational poems that build into a narrative long poem, Night Work follows the tragic trajectory of the life and work of Terry Sawchuk, dark driven genius of a goalie who survived twenty tough seasons in an era of inadequate upper-body equipment and no player representation. The book is illustrated with photographs mirroring the text, depicting key moments in the career of Terry Sawchuk, his exploits and his agony.

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