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Voyage Aboard the Charming Sally

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Voyage Aboard the Charming Sally is a musical play performed by a group of homeschool children coming together as The Homespun Theater Company. This group of children, between the ages of 7 and 14, have learned about all aspects of theater arts. They have experienced auditioning, designing and building sets, designing and constructing costumes, collecting and tracking prop inventory as well as nourishing their acting, singing and dancing skills. They have witnessed, first-hand, that team work and mutual respect for each other, all working in harmony, can directly effect the success of any group effort.

Voyage Aboard the Charming Sally depicts events that virtually set the stage for theater in America. In June 1752, a sailing ship known as the "Charming Sally" transported a hearty troupe of actors from England to the New World. This sturdy band of performers, under the direction of Lewis Hallam, formed the first professional American Theatrical Company. The Charming Sally's historically significant voyage was especially intriguing in that our adventuresome entertainers used the ship's quarterdeck to stage and rehearse productions that would be presented in the New World.