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View of the Middle East, A

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Mansour Farhang, Political Science Professor at Bennington College, former Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations, and member of the advisory board of Middle East Watch, examines the current state of the Middle East and the role of the United States foreign policy in the region. Farhang speaks with RETN's Scott Campitelli, looking closely at policies of "spreading democracy" in the Middle East and U.S. credibility on issues of democracy and human rights. The role of oil, religion, and western countries' influence offers background for understanding today's southwest Asian social and political climate. Farhang elucidates the situation in Iraq, as that country approaches elections with severe religous and social divisions, to examine what may lay ahead in the coming months and years. The Iraq/Iran relationship is also critical to the discussion, as are Israeli/Palestinian relations. This program was recorded at Catamont Access Television in Bennington.

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