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A Survey of the Bottom of Lake Champlain

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For more than two decades, researchers at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum have been studying the rich collection of shipwrecks on the lake's floor, justifiably considered the best-preserved in North America. This ongoing research effort was radically accelerated in the early 1990s, however, with the discovery that zebra mussels had made their way into Lake Champlain. In a 1995 report, "The Impact of Zebra Mussels on Historic Shipwrecks,"the museum concluded that many of the lake's shipwrecks will be encrusted with zebra mussels in a relatively short time. Beginning in 1996, the museum rapidly intensified its efforts to survey the 90 percent of lake bottom which has never been imaged. Arthur Cohn presents a short film on the technology used in this ambitious survey and its findings to date. A second short film discusses the recently discovered Revolutionary War gunboat belonging to Benedict Arnold. Following the presentation, the audience was invited to participate in a discussion about shipwrecks, their value, and various management options.

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