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Strata: Virtual Mandan village; erecting a menhir

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(1) Visually immerse yourself into a previous era on the Great Plains, travel through time and walk through a Mandan village as it existed in North Dakota around 1776.  The animated village reconstruction is based on scholarly research of the site, the native population and the era.  It is as historically accurate as the documentation allows.  (2) A Spanish team conducts an experiment that tries to verify what life was like thousands of years ago.  The experiment was to move and erect by hand a 13-ton granite stone, a replica of a prehistoric menhir typical of western Europe .Vanuatu has unusually high cultural diversity compared to other Pacific islands outside of New Guinea. Here we see dancing on Ambrym Island, ruins on Malekula Island and a violent volcanic eruption on Tanna Island. (2) Beneath almost a century of south Louisiana’s riotous vegetation, the Louisiana State University Rural Life Museum carried out the most extensive archaeological project to date on an antebellum plantation site in Louisiana. The project excavated the undisturbed remains of a sugar cane mill along with slave cabins.

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