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Stories in Motion: A Conversation with Lida Winfield

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How does movement tell a story?

As media makers, we often focus on the written word first, and then the visual environment. How would a story look differently if we started with our own bodies as language? 

Our May StoryCraft conversation is with Lida Winfield, performer, choreographer, and educator. We talk with her about the art, work, and practice of telling stories through movement and performance. She also performs excerpts of her solo work, "In Search of Air: Growing Up Dyslexic" and "Imaginary." This event is hosted by RETN and Flynn Center for Performing Arts.

More about Lida Winfield:

Lida Winfield is an accomplished dancer, choreographer and spoken word artist who has performed nationally and internationally. She has created original solo, duet and group work, merging storytelling, dance and visual art to create captivating and poignant performances that invariably cause audiences to laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously. Since 2007, Lida has taught educators how to use dance in the classroom as an instructional tool through Burlington Vermont’s Flynn Center Words Come Alive. In 2011, Lida earned a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.

More about StoryCraft Conversations: 

It seems like everywhere you look, people are talking about storytelling. But what about STORYMAKING? What does it take to craft a great story, on paper, on stage, on the air, and on camera? How do story makers organize their ideas, edit their work, create habits and practices, and find inspiration? We want to know, and figure you do, too.

RETN partnered with local media, literary, and arts organizations to bring insightful conversation and practical resources together in the StoryCraft series. Listen to talks with Vermont story makers, facilitated by Gin Ferrara of Spindle & Widget, with Burlington Writers Workshop, Flynn Center for Performing Arts, VCAM, Vermont International Film Foundation and WBTV-LP.