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Steve Hartmann

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Where it takes some musicians numerous types of tricks, bells and whistles in order to create their musical message, singer/songwriter Steve Hartmann needs nothing more than his voice and a guitar. After years as the front man for Acoustic/Rock group SIMON, he has since ventured forth as a solo artist with the long awaited release of his full-length debut solo album, “Waking Up the Echoes” on December 31st 2012 at First Night Burlington. Drawing upon the influences of his favorite performers (U2, The Dave Matthews Band, The Counting Crows, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel and others), he crafts acoustic songs about life, relationships, and the courage to dream. Whether a soft ballad or a harsh melody, his dynamic songs follow the high and low points of his life. “I like toying with the quiet that creeps up just before the storm,” he admits. “I like playing with that part of a song (or themselves) that only the heart can feel and the ears can hear and when it comes, everything falls into place just right... and you can breathe.”

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