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Start at the Beginning | David Young

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Brain science informs us that the most rapid time of brain development occurs between the ages of 0-3. We know that the acquisition of language, positive behavior responses, and numeracy are critical during these years as the child’s mind is most active and most ready for these important and appropriate interactions to occur. Given this knowledge and importance, we can and must improve how we inform and support mothers, fathers, and guardians during these years. By providing this information to them we know that children will have a higher likelihood for success and will be more prepared for entrance into the Kindergarten experience. The path to “Growing Up” will be greatly improved if we can put these actions into practice.

David has been a teacher and administrator in Vermont for 25 years. A graduate of Burlington High School and Norwich University (where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees), David was an officer in the U.S. Army on active duty from 1985 to 1989 and served in the Vermont Army National Guard following his years on active duty. Before coming to South Burlington as the Assistant Superintendent and now the Superintendent beginning in 2005, he was principal of Georgia Elementary School and assistant principal of Bellows Free Academy-Fairfax. Additionally, David is married to his wife Linda , dad to young adult children Austin, Anna, and Connor. David has always been a strong advocate for the early childhood education and is known for his ideas and advocacy for improved pre-birth education.

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