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In Search of Air: Growing Up Dyslexic PROMO

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In this dance and theater performance based on her experience growing up with a learning disability, Vermont dancer, choreographer and spoken word artist Lida Winfield shares the gifts and heartache that accompanied her struggle to learn to read – which did not occur until her early twenties. This show is a mixture of funny, sad and ironic moments strung together in a creative and captivating format. Lida’s presence on stage expresses her life so clearly that it brings us closer to our own.

“…In middle school there were more of us, a lot more of us. Every child with a behavioral, social, physical, or learning disability was tucked in the same room. We were angry children. And there were enough of us that we were actually a very powerful force. There were multiple teachers who cared much about each one of us; however, there was not enough money, time or energy to actually teach us in the ways we needed. So we were just separate."

Created and Performed by Lida Winfield
Co-Directed by Matt Wohl