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Refugee Outreach Club Fundraiser with a Performance by Sabouyouma

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This is R.O.C. Inc.’s first public fundraiser to raise awareness of its efforts to connect young adults around the world through education, curiosity, and service.

Refugee Outreach Club (R.O.C.) Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax deductible charity that was founded after the creation of a single high school outreach club with the original goal of getting Vermont High School students involved in the international community. As the program generated interest in other Vermont high schools it became necessary to set up an umbrella organization to oversee the growing number of chapters and fundraising events. Currently R.O.C. Inc. oversees 5 Vermont high school chapters and one college chapter, with more chapters launching in the fall of 2017. R.O.C. Inc. provides stipends for teachers of the Heritage Learning Program who dedicate their time each Saturday with refugee students helping them learn and maintain their native languages. R.O.C. Inc. is in the midst of launching an International Health Program in collaboration with a local NGO in Ghana, an International Cultural Exchange Program in Ghana, and a Vermont Refugee Health Program. R.O.C. Inc., develops leaders out of high school and college who are interested in international and local issues regarding poverty, education, and the value of multi-cultural relationships.
Music courtesy of Sabouyouma
Sabouyouma (Pronounced sah-boo-yoo-MAH), is led by Ousmane Camara, a master Balafonist from Guinea, West Africa. Based in Burlington, Vermont, they combine traditional West African dance music with contemporary funk and reggae.

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