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Professional Development at the Integrated Arts Academy

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This program showcases three professional development collaborations between Flynn teaching artists and Burlington Integrated Arts Academy educators.

1: Flynn teaching artist Joan Robinson collaborates with Nancy Radley, K teacher, at Integrated Arts Academy to dramatize simple math problems. In the process, the kids deepen their understanding of math problems and develop their expressive skills.      

2: Flynn teaching artist Susanna Olson collaborates with Maggie Plante, Grade 3 teacher, at Integrated Arts Academy to dramatize a theme in Social Studies (as yet unidentified.) In the process, the students deepen their understanding of the topic and develop their skills in theater.    

3: Flynn teaching artist Linda Winfield collaborates with P.E. teacher Tyler Sessions at Integrated Arts Academy to create a dance with 3rd grade students illustrating one of the systems of the human body. In the process, the students  deepen their understanding of the topic and build skills in dance.

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