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Polly Apfelbaum: Evergreen Blueshoes

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For the last twenty-five years, Polly Apfelbaum’s work has situated itself as a hybrid of painting, sculpture, and installation. exploring the intricacies of color, Apfelbaum weaves her way through ideas of Minimalism, Pop aesthetics, and Color Field painting to blur the lines between two and three dimensional art making. Evergreen Blueshoes, a reference to a late 60s psychedelic rock band, continues her investigation of counter culture and experimental alternatives to art making. Apfelbaum’s exhibition at BCA expands her interest in color, the horizontal plane, and blurring the distinctions between fine art and craft as she designs and produces finely woven rugs and wallpaper. Make sure you wear nice socks and be prepared to leave your shoes at the door as you make your way through the exhibition.