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The Play Instinct: Have You Lost Yours? | Lisa M. Guerrero

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Playfulness is the foundation for strengthening families in our communities. In order to understand this, we must know the intrinsic value of play and its potential for deepening relationships. But most importantly, if we are going to be successful advocates for play in the lives of children and families, we need to be in touch with our own playful selves. In this talk, Lisa G. puts forth a passionate invitation to prioritize play.

Lisa has been a professional in the field of early care and education for over twenty years and has come to be known for her energy, passion, and dedication to supporting children and families. Her roles have included being an early childhood educator of children ages 0 through 8 in traditional, private, and early intervention programs; an administrator of a center-based early childhood program; and an owner and operator of a home-based infant and toddler center. Currently, Lisa presents professional development trainings and seminars on promoting quality outdoor experiences for children, supporting the development of sensitive and inclusive learning environments, and advocating for play. When she is not working, you will find Lisa pursuing a PhD in Leadership, Policy and Change, exercising, dancing, loving up her family and dogs, volunteering in the community, or walking through the beautiful Vermont countryside.

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