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Photo Essay: Sarah Ashe, Light-Sculptor

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Sarah Ashe has had her hand in a number of mediums, including fiber arts, painting and drawing. She started making light sculptures after a workshop on making Nougouchi Akari lights. While intrigued by the creation of form through mold building, she found she needed a more immediate way to create her work. She wanted to see the form emerge in relation to the light, thus she arrived at “Light Sculptures.” She creates her sculptures from Japanese and Thai handmade papers and reeds. Seeds, pods, shells, stones and cocoons all provide the inspiration for her work. Starting with a reed skeleton, paper is applied creating a shell/skin. Its translucency, strength and texture create the sense of delicacy and form that define the work. When lit from within, the sculptures simply come alive. While they can be considered art objects unto themselves, they also can serve as the primary light source in a room.

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