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Past Is Not Necessarily a Foreign Country, The - The Importance of Teaching Vermont

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Glenn Andres explains how for researchers, teachers, and students, Vermont is a largely untapped treasure. It is a state blessed with a long history and a varied cultural heritage. It has produced figures, buildings, and projects of national significance. It has both reflected the patterns of the nation and contributed significantly to their evolution. It has the benefits of a manageable scale and a richness of preserved resources that render its historic record rewardingly complete. However, this record has remained remarkably unplumbed and unknown on a national scale. Until recently, it was also relatively little celebrated by the state's educational institutions, perhaps as being somehow too parochial or regional, too insignificant to be important in the larger scheme of things. Yet the knowledge of specifics that can be gleaned so readily in Vermont is the very stuff that informs and verifies our understanding of broader historical patterns and provides the necessary bases for grand syntheses.

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