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Parenting: A Completely Natural and Improbable Undertaking | Gail Rafferty

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The deep and long arc of the parenting relationship holds within it the possibilities for great joy, bleak despair, and everything in between. This talk explores elements of the parenting journey across that wide spectrum, with a look at who and what we bring to the table as grown-ups caring for young ones. Compassion for the challenges parents confront, and some thoughts about the power of community and connection in easing those challenges is at the heart of this presentation.

Gail Rafferty, LICSW, is the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Coordinator at Howard Center in Burlington. She has been at the forefront of developing Vermont’s Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Services for the past 20 years as a clinician, program administrator, consultant and trainer. Her passion is for strengthening the bonds of affection between parents and their young children. Most recently her work has focused on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, an evidence-based treatment program for families with young children with attachment and behavioral concerns. Gail is also a mother, step-mother, and step-grandmother.

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