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Moving Toward Iridescence: Space, Technology, Pedagogy, Culture

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The students in our schools now will live their lives in the mid- and late - 21st Century, a century of unpredictable potential and vast challenges in which learning and communication bear little resemblance to anything we have known in the "Gutenberg Era." Even today, offices lack desks, engineering studios look like playrooms, work and learning is neither "hourly" nor scheduled, but continuous, on-demand, and is engaged in whenever, wherever it is needed. Cognitive authority no longer resides in publishing brands and academic credentials, but in value to, and usability by, society.

Whether we are teachers, principals, superintendents, librarians, teacher educators, we, all of us, must actively lead our schools toward new forms of deep learning? How do we build the capacity - across faculty and leadership - for the rapid, significant change needed by our students now? What must all of us do, starting now and working continuously, to create a culture of learning innovation?

Ira David Socol and Pamela R. Moran are actively engaged in this work, and will bring their learning, of projects and efforts large and small, to an "unkeynote" interactive format.

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