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Mother Prindle: Almira Greene, a Quaker From Vermont, CRV Seminar #170

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Kathleen McKinley Harris, Independent Scholar, talks about Almira Greene who was born in 1837 to a Starksboro Quaker couple. Prior to marriage, she was a schoolteacher. In 1864 she married a Charlotte farmer, Cyrus G. Prindle. The couple was divorced in 1877. After their divorce, Cyrus assumed the spelling of "Pringle," claiming he was returning to the original Scottish form of the name, and went on to become a world-famous botanist. Almira became a professional mission worker/social worker known as "Mother Prindle." Mother Prindle's achievements as a hands-on social worker are virtually unknown in Vermont, her native state. Her forty years of mission work in Buffalo, Chicago, New York City, Watertown (Mass.), Boston, Columbus, Minneapolis, and Little Rock were spent largely as a paid employee of the Crittenton Homes. Research-in-Progress Seminar #170

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