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Mark Schwabe

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Mark Eliot Schwabe, SteamSmith, lives and works in a world that challenges description and defies understanding by peoples of the 21st century. It is a world in which creative people work with their hands and their heads; it is a world in which machines and industries are built with parts that move, and parts that don't. Land and sea are traveled in wondrous machines, often made by hand; the sky is filled with airships of amazing construction. Time is understood in a way that 21st century people cannot fathom. The taverns are filled with ladies of style, wisdom and sass, and with strong-handed men with nimble brains. You should visit his world!

"The Artists of Frog Hollow" series created by RETN in partnership with Frog Hollow and Burlington College. This episode was produced by Holt Albee, a Burlington College Student.

RETN is the Champlain Valley's education station and can be viewed locally on Burlington Telecom and Comcast cable channel 16.

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