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Lessons from the Big Red Chair | Judy Dow

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My father was a great storyteller. He often told us stories and read to my sisters and me as we snuggled on his lap in a big red chair. He instilled in me a love for books and the art of storytelling which eventually led me to research the stories I‘d heard as a child. When I got older my role reversed and I often found myself reading to my parents who could no longer see well. The books, court records, eugenics records and old newspaper articles that I read to them along with many interviews I took helped me to piece together the lessons my father had in many of his stories. Nobody had the complete story but piece by piece I finally began to put the puzzle together.

Dow is well-known locally and nationally as an artist, writer, and educator. She has taught at the Vermont Governor’s Institute for the Arts for the past seven years and was the 2004 recipient of the Governor’s Heritage Award for Outstanding Educator. Judy’s basketry has been displayed in museums across the US and Canada. As an independent education consultant and specialist, she has conducted classes and workshops for students in kindergarten through college. Using an interdisciplinary format she integrates art with science, history, writing, and mathematics.

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