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Jeff Danziger

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Jeff Danziger is a syndicated political cartoonist and author whose work appears daily on the New York Times Web Site, Huffington Post and National Memo. He has published ten books of cartoons and a novel, about the Vietnam War. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New Yorker and numerous other publications. Jeff has been twice short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize and won an Overseas Press Club Prize in 1998. He also was awarded the Herblock Prize in 2006 and the Thomas Nast Award (Germany) in 2008. His latest release,The Conscience of a Cartoonist, is a coffee-table collection of his post-9/11 editorial cartoons which documents the tragedy of that day and the politically disorganized response that followed. The book is also his exegesis on the art of editorial cartooning. Jeff will offer a multimedia presentation on the subject.

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