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Hot Flannel

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From the hills of Vermont comes a band that has chewed through the electric fences and let the cows loose. The farmers knew HOT Flannel could not be contained. Patrick Ross plays the fiddle like a machine. Matt Schrag plays one of the best built mandolins in the world (made in Burlington). If you’ve never heard Doug Perkins play his ’69 Martin guitar, then, ladies and gentlemen, be prepared. Pat Melvin is one of the most sought after upright bass players in Vermont. They all sing and all belong to the 10,000 hours club. “It’s Newgrass,” exclaims Patrick. Everyone will have a good time knowing that the members of HOT Flannel know how to work their instruments. Even if the place catches on fire and the band has to take off their flannel, people will talk, good or bad, people will talk… They are ready for people to talk.

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