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Horror Express (1972)

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On an expedition to the frozen reaches of Manchuria in the late 1800’s, Professor Caxton (Christopher Lee) has discovered a pre-human creature frozen in the ice and is transporting it back to London on the Trans-Siberian Express. When a thief and baggage handler are both killed after they attempt to open the padlocked box carrying the creature, Caxton’s rival, Dr. Wells (Peter Cushing) does an autopsy on one of the victims and determines that the creature has drained the victim’s brain of all its knowledge. Having escaped from its box, the creature is roaming the train, terrorizing and killing more passengers. A crazed Cossack, Captain Kazan (Telly Savalas) is brought in to exorcise the demon, who has taken over the body of the police inspector, Morov, who was trying to bring order on the train.

-Corinth Films

Watch Gary Lambert's introduction to the film

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