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Hawa Adam and Balkisa Abdikadir

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The Young Writers’ Project and the 2018 Clemmons Family Farm present "To Sing of Common Things: The Voices of Young People in 2018" featuring Hawa Adam and Balkisa Abdikadir. Acclaimed Vermont spoken word artists Kiah Morris and Rajnii Eddins co-host this event. 

Hawa, who will be entering Middlebury College as a freshman this year, is a dedicated community activist who has used her skills to speak up and take action in combatting social injustices. She seeks to inspire others to mobilize for social justice. Balkisa, who will be entering the University of Vermont as a freshman this year, is a community leader who continues to work on social justice issues whether it's through poetry, having conversations, or attending. It's important to her to stand up to all forms of oppression and injustice as well as influencing her fellow youth to get involved.