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Hannah Hoffman: In the Void

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Hannah Hoffman: Vermont wood-dweller Hannah Hoffman finds inspiration in observing human behavior, and exploring the concepts of light and darkness within oneself. Currently in the process of writing her second album, Hoffman finds comfort in the uncomfortable exploration of what it means to be vulnerable, and how to expose and communicate the deep, dark parts of oneself through music. Hoffman's freshman release, "Blur" (2015) consists of a collection of songs written during her formative years of leaving teenage-land and entering adulthood, and all of the heartbreak, experimenting with substances and relationships, and attempts at establishing oneself independently that come with it. Raised on her parent's extensive collection of music, Hoffman was fascinated with everything from Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell, to The Cure, Tori Amos and Kate Bush, which is reflected in her songwriting style with elements of rock, folk, and a new wave edge.

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