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Hana Zara with Sam Dupont

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Hana Zara is a Nebraska native and Burlington transplant. Her latest album, 'Tatterhood,' received rave reviews from ArtsRiot and Seven Days. First hand testimony about Hana’s live show: ”I suppose Bob Dylan had a first gig somewhere. I don’t know where but I would imagine that if we could crawl into a time capsule and travel back to that moment it would be one to savor, or maybe Leonard Cohen…the music that had a real message, poetry that evoked something inside and stirred up the spirit. This is what I observed on Thursday night at Cafe Vivaldi listening to Hana Zara perform her first bonafide gig in NYC. While I really wanted to stand up and say to the audience… you are witnessing the beginning of what I truly in my heart think is a momentous occasion….the birth of a real artist. And so amidst the chatter and sound of plates clanking she took a sip of water, lifted her guitar and quickly tested her starting note. The sound of her voice has a vulnerable lilting quality with an airy kind of tone. You might be inclined to close your eyes to just listen but you will not because there is a sweet kind of self conscious shyness rolled up into a street smart gypsy. She paints her lyrics. I imagine what might happen with this career and only hope that she remains true to the exquisite essence of her unplugged self. Standing up there alone is perfection. She is a little dark jewell. I am really looking forward to her CD.”  -Kathy Ingraham (singer and composer for film, TV Commercials, Records- Warner, RCA, Arista, Epic, AVI).

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