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The Future of the Planet

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"An Economist and an Ecologist Walk into a Bar and Discuss the Future of the Planet"

The University of Vermont's Gund Institute hosts a public dialogue between one of the world's leading economists, Stephen Polasky, and one of the world's leading ecologists, Andrew Balmford. The topic of the event is the future of the planet -- and how to save it.

Andrew Balmford is a Fellow of the Royal Society. His research focuses on the costs and benefits of conservation, how best to reconcile conservation and farming, the reasons why nature is being lost, and examining what works in conservation.

Steve Polasky is a member of the US National Academy of Science. His research interests are the impacts of land use and land management on the provision and value of ecosystem services and natural capital, biodiversity conservation, sustainability, environmental regulation, renewable energy, and common property resources.

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