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A Future for the Past: Harnessing the Colonial Revival into the 21st Century

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Lucinda Brockway, Director of Cultural Resources for the Trustees of Reservations, speaks on approaches to preserving, planning, rejuvenating and maintaining historic landscapes of various scales and time periods, including developing master plans and collaborative partnerships for historic sites, museums, parks and estates.

Ms. Brockway is responsible for cultural landscapes, collections, archives and other cultural resources throughout The Trustees’ 25,000 acres and 112 properties across Massachusetts. She and her staff have recently supervised the restoration of Castle Hill’s Grand Allee & Casino and the Fletcher Steele gardens at Naumkeag. She serves as an instructor of landscape preservation for the National Preservation Institute and is the author of two books,Gardens of the New Republic: Fashioning the Landscapes of High Street, Newburyport, Massachusetts and A Favorite Place of Resort for Strangers: The Kings Garden at Fort Ticonderoga.