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Ecosystem Services and Rural Livelihoods with Juan Alvez

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Prairies...who knew they could be so much more than beautiful rolling hills and food for grazing livestock. Beyond what meets the eye, prairies are truly incredible, complex ecosystems that support a vast web of structures and functions for supporting healthy, strong environments.

With a focus on Management Intensive Grazing, Juan Pablo Alvez highlights his research about rural farmers from both the famously biodiverse Atlantic Forest in Santa Catarina, Brazil and the Green Mountain State of Vermont, USA.

The world of Management Intensive Grazing is a versatile one. In a nutshell, it is a form of rotational pasture management that continues to prove itself as one solution to the many problems caused by deforestation, overgrazing, erosion, and confined animal operations being experienced by rural environments all over the world.

Juan is a Gund Graduate Fellow and PhD Candidate in Natural Resources at the RSENR, UVM. He is an agronomist with emphasis in sustainable agriculture and comes from a beef and sheep family farm in Rivera, northern Uruguay. Among the many projects Juan is involved in at the Gund Institute, this video focuses on the thesis topic for his dissertation.

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