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Ecohealth Intervention, Chagas Disease

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10 million people are estimated to be infected with Chagas disease in the Americas, and it is one of the leading causes of heart disease in people. Gund institute fellow and professor in the School of Engineering at UVM Donna Rizzo has teamed up with Lori Stevens and Patricia Dorn as well as many other collaborators such as medical entomologist Maria Carlota Monroy, to find new ways of attacking a native vector of Chagas. The current focus is the population genetics of the parasite vector, Triatoma dimidiata, in Central America and Mexico and much of this work has been done in collaboration with the Laboratory of APPLIED  Entomology and Parasitology (LENAP). Donna has been focusing on the development of new computational tools to improve the understanding of human-induced changes on natural systems and the way we make decisions about natural resources, and she is now applied her area of expertise to the study of Chagas disease.

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