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Digitizing Historical Vermont Films: New Life for Old Films

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The Vermont Historical Society embarked recently on a project to move old films onto DVDs, digitizing them for use by communities, researchers and filmmakers. The process, challenges and rewards of this process are presented, along with selected footage from titles from the VHS's Leahy Library Collection, which features a mix of home movie, state development, and commerical films of Vermont's industries.  

Dorothy Thompson's Farm Work is War Work (1942) promotes work on Vermont farms to coming of age teenagers, with an agenda to support the war effort.  A Town Solves a Problem (1947) is a U.S. Army production depicting a typical town meeting in day in Pittsford, a more subtle message to post war countries on shared governance. Betsy Ross Bread (1952) and People Make It Happen (1975) are representative of promotion of Vermont industries, showcasing a Montpelier bakery and an Essex Junction IBM plant. Presenters encourage discussion from attendees on the value of films in researching Vermont history.

Shows In This Series