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Cuba! - Gallery Talk by Victoria Blewer

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Following two recent trips to Cuba, Frog Hollow photographer Victoria Blewer is exhibiting her first exhibit of images taken during her visits. This gallery talk is a casual Q+A about her experiences visiting the country as well as on her approach in photographing Cuba's citizens and urban landscape.

The work on display documents the culture of the island before its boarders are opened once again. These images are a rare opportunity to view country on the brink of irreversible change.

Cuba is an amazing time capsule. The 1950’s cars were gorgeous – and a point of pride for their owners. I have spent decades seeking precisely this sort of funky subject matter in America, and so Cuba is a visual paradise. Though the cars are gas-guzzlers and some are held together by duct tape, they are a delight to photograph. The older buildings in Havana are an ornate world of stone porticos and statuary; the iron and grillwork is spectacular.

-Victoria Blewer