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Clemmons Family Farm: The Stories Behind the Stories

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“The lessons learned from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are stories we need to carry with us today. They’re our armor for what’s happening today.”

- Lydia Clemmons

The Clemmons Family Farm, an African-American owned historic farm in Charlotte, Vermont is the home base for a rich storytelling tradition. ​Owned by 94-year old Jackson and Lydia Clemmons since 1962, the 148-acre Farm, with its 6 historic buildings, continues the family tradition of blending farming with the African diaspora of the arts, culture and sciences. It is one of the 22 landmark sites on the Vermont African American Heritage Trail.

 Jackson and Lydia's eldest daughter (also named Lydia) returned from a career in Africa several years ago to help her parents preserve their beloved Farm and their legacy for future generations. As part of this undertaking, Lydia has been working with her parents to record their storytelling that covers five generations, and to share it on the Farm's social media and In a special event organized in partnership with Regional Educational Television Network (RETN), the Clemmonses and a live audience listen to some of the recent recordings of the family’s favorite stories. Daughter Lydia discusses some of her insights gained from the process of preserving the family’s storytelling.  

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