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A Bucket of Blood (1959)

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The perfect companion film to Roger Corman’s celebrated black comedy Little Shop of Horrors, made with the same shoestring budget and Corman panache. It is a send up of everything from beatnik cafe society, phony artists and snitty blonds to fleeting fame and fortune. The beat generation dialogue will have you howling! Richard Miller stars as Walter Paisley, the schlemiel waiter/busboy at the hip Yellow Door Cafe. He is dumped on by his boss and the cafe patrons, but suddenly gains celebrity status when they hail a dead cat he has covered with clay as a work of art. After the euphoria of Walter’s fame wears off, he is faced with the demands of creating something more sensational. So he kills people that annoy him and covers them with clay. It’s the ultimate send up of the “creative process” with the constant nagging question after creation, “What are you going to do next...I’d better do something before they forget me.”

-Corinth Films

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