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Beakman's World: Growing "STEM-A-ttainment"

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Paul Zaloom is a comedic puppeteer, political satirist, filmmaker, and performance artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and tours his work all over the world. Zaloom has written, designed, and performed 12 full-length solo spectacles, including Fruit of Zaloom, Sick But True, his latest, Mother of All Enemies and, with Lynn Jeffries, The Abecedarium. Zaloom has appeared on the science educational TV show Beakman’s World as Beakman, the wacked-out, weirdo scientist who answers viewers’ questions about science, nature, and various bodily functions. Here, he will be himself. He will discuss ways to excite students to pursue careers in STEM and will share his many success stories. Beakman will emerge at the afternoon reception.

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