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Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Act 46 Panel Discussion

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Addison Northwest Supervisory Union Superintendent JoAn Canning talks with consultant Steve Dale and Ferrisburg parent Tracey Newton about the work of the supervisory union's Act 46 Study Committee and efforts to unify the governance of member schools.

Act 46 was recently passed by the Vermont Legislature and requires all school districts and supervisory unions to address five major challenges:

  • Provide substantial equity in the quality and variety of educational opportunities
  • Lead students to achive or exceed the State's Education Quality Standards
  • Maximize operational effiencies through increased flexibility to manage, share and transfer resources, with the goal of increasing the district-level ratio of students to full-time equivalent staff
  • Promote transparency and accountability
  • Deliver education at a cost that parents, voters and taxpayers value

For more information and a schedule of upcoming public meetings visit:

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