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Above the Radar

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Anthill Collective,, The Spot on the Dock and Lake Champlain Transportation Company host Vermont’s first ever public art project showcasing artists from throughout the Northeast working on one giant canvas called Above The Radar. Over 30 artists work over the course of the weekend to bring explosions of color to the 260’ of wall located at 1 King St. in Burlington.

The mission of this event is to raise awareness and help to eliminate the stigmas associated with graffiti as an art form. Our goal is to show the public that this is a legitimate modern art form and that furthermore it can be used as a medium for social change. This event serves as a window into an otherwise misunderstood lifestyle; an opportunity to offer a different perspective into the lives of artists who often work for free or operate under the radar. The purpose of this festival is to further their opportunity to express their art form in the public arena… Above The Radar.