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Explore the People and Places of Quebec with RETN

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March 29, 2018

In April, RETN will feature four films from the National Film Board of Canada that provide an intimate glimpse into a few “micro-societies” in Quebec. The documentary films will air as part of a series called QUEBEC: PEOPLE & PLACE and have been licensed for broadcast in partnership with Vermont PBS.

Following up on our successful OF MONTREAL series from last spring, this group of NFBC films takes us back north to explore worlds often unseen but firmly rooted in place. Viewers will join the camp of 21st century migrant lumberjacks in Quebec’s boreal forest; peek at the fascinating world behind the exhibits at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; learn of the few remaining Algonquin and severe threats to their very survival; and follow one filmmaker’s deeply personal, but ultimately universal, quest through the working class neighborhood of Verdun. These thought-provoking and beautiful films offer an opportunity to understand more about our neighbors to the north and will inspire RETN viewers to think more deeply about our regional identity and sense of place.

Quebec: People & Place

Documentaries air weekly in April, every Sunday at 8:00 PM on both BTVHD Channel 216 and RETN Channel 16. Also available on the Media Factory Roku channel and online right here at