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PLEASE NOTE: As we are in the process of migrating to a new event database, we are no longer listing our workshop schedule on our website. You can see our full schedule of workshops and events at

  • Video Production with Canon XA-10

    Basic Camera Operation

    (Requirement for equipment checkout)
    Get an introduction to RETN video cameras, and obtain the skills needed for checking out cameras for your own projects. You will learn how to adjust focus, audio, color and exposure in this short session.
    90 minutes - [FREE]

  • Composition and Lighting

    Basic Skills for Making Good Videos

    Our follow-up to Camera 101, this workshop is designed to help you create aesthetically pleasing videos with solid audio. You will learn how to frame your shot, light your subject, and smoothly zoom and pan.
    90 minutes - [FEE: $25*]

  • iMovie for Computers

    You’ve recorded great video, now what?

    Our intro to editing workshop explores basic editing skills while becoming familiar with Apple's iMovie editing software. 2 hours - [FEE: $25*]

  • WeVideo for Schools

    You’ve recorded great video at school, now what?

    Our intro to WeVideo workshop explores basic editing skills using a completely web-based editing software. Available for teachers and students by request only. Please email
    2 hours - [FEE: $25*]

  • iPad | Mobile Moviemaking

    Turn your iPad into a powerful video-production studio.

    Learn to create short, compelling video projects in your workplace and classroom. Simple assignments help you explore the iPad’s flexible tools while creating media, which you will edit into your own short video in iMovie. Build a toolkit of skills and ideas you can take back to your organization, so you can share your learning and storymaking.
    12 hours, in two 6-hour days [FEE: $265*] Discounts and partial scholarships are available.

  • iPad | Green Screen and Animation

    Discover the basics of green screen.

    Learn to use Do Ink Green Screen and Do Ink Drawing & Animation apps to tell compelling visual stories with whimsy, creativity, and flair. Practice recording in front of a green screen and learn to create simple animations.
    2.5 hours - [FEE: $35*] *Discounts and partial scholarships are available.


Work privately with one of our instructors to learn iMovie 10, WeVideo, or to address specific production training needs.
This personalized service is designed for beginner to intermediate users and is available on a limited, first-come-first-served basis.

$50/hr (1 hour minimum)