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Make Videos, Not Coffee

RETN offers internships to college and high school students. Instead of just fetching coffee or making photocopies, our interns get their hands dirty with RETN's accomplished staff in a fast-paced, professional environment. We offer a wide range of standard internships, or students can create a custom internship to fit their unique skills and goals.

RETN operates three 24-hour educational cable channels in northwestern Vermont. We produce hundreds of television programs each year, support a comprehensive website and provide training, resources and support for educators and other community members.

If you are studying communications, marketing, business management or new media, contact us to see what an RETN internship can do for you.



Below are the general types of internships available during each fall, spring and summer academic term. Each one is specifically designed with projects and activities to suit the student’s skill level, area of study and ability to work independently.

Production Internships:
Advanced Video Production
Basic Video Production


Nonproduction Internships:
Integrated Marketing & Communication

Production Internships:

Advanced Video Production

Students will learn from and collaborate with professionals on the RETN production team. This includes conducting research, developing contacts, planning shooting, overseeing production, completing post-production and seeing the project(s) through to final presentation, cablecast and online distribution.

Prerequisites: Some experience in both television production and research is essential. General knowledge of the process of television program development is important, and the ability to work independently and professionally with community contacts is critical. An academic background in communications, education, English or other appropriate areas is preferred. Good writing and verbal skills, including telephone skills, are necessary.


Basic Video Production

Students will learn the proper and effective use of production equipment, and work with the RETN production team to create programs for schools, colleges and local educational organizations. Students will work on multiple-camera and single-camera field productions, as well as working on various aspects of pre-production (planning, logistics), post-production (editing, duplication), and distribution (cable, online, DVD).

General Learning Objectives:

  • - Learn the basics of television production
  • - Work with professional production teams for field and studio productions
  • - Improve technical skills with camera, composition, lighting and audio
  • - Make corrections and complete programs using nonlinear editing systems
  • - Learn all aspects of preproduction, production and postproduction

Prerequisites: None.


Nonproduction Internships:

Integrated Marketing & Communication

Students will work to develop and implement an ongoing promotion strategy for RETN’s offerings, including presenting noncommercial educational cable channels and the website. Marketing avenues include television, Internet, social media, radio, newspaper, magazine and display media. As a not-for-profit educational organization, RETN focuses on learning activities and works with educational institutions throughout northwestern Vermont.

Prerequisites: Some background in marketing studies is necessary, as are strong organizational skills, writing skills for professional communications and creative thinking ability. Phone and computer skills are essential.



No longer a student? We have several volunteer opportunities at RETN. Whether your interest is administrative, production, or facilities, we have a volunteer option that can work for you and us. RETN succeeds by engaging local residents, so we hope you will contact us and find a way to become a part of the RETN community.  For more information on volunteer opportunities at RETN, email