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Video Production

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Hire RETN to Record Your Event

Technology has made it easier than ever for people to create their own video content, but there’s no substitute for working with television professionals with a lifetime of production experience. That’s what RETN brings to its clients.

  • RETN can handle all of your video production needs. We specialize in multi-camera event coverage, including lectures, conferences and concerts. If you’re looking for video content to spice up your Web site, or if you need something to help you raise money and inspire people to your cause, RETN is here to help.
  • RETN offers a full range of video production services, including producing, scripting, shooting, editing, graphics and effects. We take a collaborative approach in everything we do, combining our production expertise with our clients’ understanding of their organizations and objectives.
  • RETN also can provide video distribution via the Internet, DVDs, RETN cable channels, other community media channels in Vermont and nationally.

Want to learn more? Trying to build a budget? Give us a call today at 802.654.7980 ex23. We’d be happy to help.