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Extracurricular Activities

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In 2013, RETN embarked on a new initiative to achieve World Media Domination through Bowling. Understanding the overwhelming challenge of competing traditionally in the media market, we feel this may be our best strategy. To date we're pleased to have engaged our colleagues at VCAM and Channel 17 (the three of us known internally as BAMO - see video above). We then moved on to engage members of the staffs of Seven Days, the Burlington Free Press, and Phoenix Books.

We don't want to brag about our performance, but we're feeling successful not only because we do the math on these matches (always an important strategy). More than anything, we're happy to live and work in a place with such a dynamic, enthusiastic media community, and we appreciate the cooperation from our neighbors at Champlain Lanes in Shelburne - our home field for bowling competition.

RETN will move on to challenge our broadcast television colleagues soon.

If your organization is interested in bowling with RETN, or if we've already defeated you and you want a rematch, email us at


Table Tennis

In 2015, RETN and VCAM came together in the nascent Media Factory to pursue another competitive pastime: table tennis. It began with friendly exhibition matches, and then quickly devolved into the high-stakes, cutthroat competition that the sport is notorious for. On any given Friday, staff could be seen practicing their push returns while sporting sweatbands and Seemiller grips. We also learned a lot about brackets.

We look forward to inviting our community partners and friends into the new Media Factory for some friendly ping pong. If you're interested in participating in a low-stakes, laid back bracketed tournament, email us at