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Green Screen Tips and Resources

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Tools for turning your iPad into a green screen studio.

The following links will help you find resources to create better videos.  We welcome your suggestions for tips and links we can add to this page.  Learn more about RETN's workshops and view our schedules HERE

Recommended Apps


Veescope Live ($2.99) — Real-time "green screen" chroma keying for your iPad. Add photos or movies from your camera roll to use as backgrounds.


iMovie ($4.99*) — An easy-to-use and powerful video-editing app.  New features allow you to do cutaways, picture-in-picture and side-by-side video. You can also detach audio, change the speed of your video and audio, and choose new titles. (*Free with new iPads)


PhotoSync ($2.99) — PhotoSync is an easy way to transfer your videos and photos from your iPad to another iPad, your desktop computer, Google, Dropbox, Flickr and other devices using your local Wi-Fi network.


Tips and Project Ideas


  • Evenly light your backdrop: Position two diffused lights facing the backdrop, but out of the camera shot, to create even lighting on the backdrop surface.
  • Keep talent away from backdrop:  Keep your talent’s shadow from appearing on the backdrop within the frame of the shot.  The further away the talent is, the easier it is to minimize or eliminate the shadow.
  • Match lighting of background image: Pay attention to the direction and angle of the light source in the image or video you select for the background.  Position your key, fill and back lights on your talent to try to replicate the look and feel.
  • Key, fill and back light your talent: In addition to evenly lighting the backdrop, use a three-point lighting system to light your talent.  A key light is typically positioned at an angle that replicates the primary lighting source in your background image or video.  A softer fill light is positioned on the opposite side of the talent to fill in shadows created by the key light.  A backlight is positioned behind the talent to create a highlight on the shoulders. See diagrams below.  Watch Green Screen Tips, Tricks and Materials—Chromakey Tutorial from for more information.


This step-by-step guide uses images and text to help you learn to use Veescope to produce excellent results.


  • School newscast: Use on-location video clips or images and TV studio backgrounds to make a convincing news show.   
  • Biography interviews: Have one student interview another who is dressed like a famous author.  Use a background from Creative Commons, a book cover, or an image that is in the public domain.
  • Art reviews and critiques: Have students photograph artwork they’ve created, or record artwork being created, and use these images as a background while students review the work. 
  • Music videos: Play with the settings on Veescope to create funky posterized video clips that can be used in a music video.
  • Science and biology reports:  Create your own science videos or find Creative Commons images that can be used to illustrate your report.
  • Weather reports: Have students create their own maps and graphics based on National Weather Service data and use them like weather reporters do on TV.




Online Music and Photo Resources

Music and photos can make your video more powerful.  It's important to have copyright permission when using any content that you have not created yourself. Here are links to resources for finding Creative Commons licensed music and images.  CC licenses allow artists to maintain their copyright while allowing others to use their work to make derivative projects.  Be sure you follow the license requirements when using CC content.


  • — Using "Advanced Search," you can filter by CC license type in addition to genre, instruments and mood.
  •  — Nonprofit that provides classical music recordings available to the public for free, without copyright restrictions.
  • Partners in Rhyme — Links to Free MusicFree Sound Effects, and Free Stock Video. (Note: "Royalty Free" doesn't always mean "free" to use.) 
  • Free Sound Effects — Towards the bottom of the left column you'll find a short list of truly free sound effects. 
  • Digg CC Mixter — Clicking on "Search" drops down a menu that allows you to find music that is CC licensed. Look for license information on the right edge of the page. Here's Digg's link to Free Instrumental music.




Other Useful Apps

Scrolling Credits for iMovie ($1.99) — Create scrolling closing credits and other animated text movies for use in iMovie. Choose from several backgrounds, then add text, titles and scrolling credits to the background to then save and import into your iMovie videos.

RecoLive MultiCam  ($4.99)— Use you iPad as a production switcher and up to three additional iOS mobile devices as video camera and record a live-switched program in HD to your iPad. Create transitions as you switch from one camera to the next.

ELITE Prompter for iPad ($9.99) — Use your iPad as a teleprompter. ELITE Prompter has a rich text editor. You can conveniently create and edit your scripts within the app or download a text file from your Dropbox account.


Other Video Resources and Green Screen Examples