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Share and preserve your memories on Home Movie Day

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October 15, 2018

Look for those old family film cans and video tapes hanging out in the attic, the eaves, the basement, the closets, and the garage and bring them to the Media Factory on October 20th (1pm-4pm) for inspection and a screening! 

Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur film held worldwide every October. Home movies offer important documentation of place, society, and individual lives, and it can be thrilling and moving to see them screened. They can also, of course, be totally entertaining. We will have projectors for 8 mm, Super 8, and 16 mm films and for VHS tapes. We will show digital movies too, if you have already reformatted your home movies or if they are born digital.

If you don’t have any home movies, you can still come and participate as an audience member and learn more about the importance of preserving movies that document the lives of regular folk. Community members gather to see their own home movies projected on the big screen and to see their neighbors’ movies, too. Information about how to preserve your films, how to get them restored if they are in poor condition, and how to reformat films and videos to digital formats is also made available. 

Home Movie Day is organized nationally by the Center for Home Movies, and this event is a partnership of the Media Factory, The UVM Libraries, The Vermont Archive Movie Project, and the Vermont Historical Records Program.


Learn more about the national event: