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RETN and net neutrality

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December 4, 2017
One the best parts of working at a community media center like RETN is the opportunity it brings to meet so many members of the community and to hear their stories. Stories have the power to educate, build understanding, move people to action and to just plain entertain. 
Now is the time of year when we typically look back and highlight a few of the best stories of 2017. Unfortunately this year’s exercise has taken on a new urgency as the Federal Communications Commission is poised to gut Net Neutrality regulations and jeopardize the work we do at RETN. 
An open Internet is crucial to our ability to serve viewers, media makers and learners in the local region. It enables us to engage community members in the democratic process with live streamed school board meetings, to reach an audience beyond cable television, and to amplify the great work of Vermont non-profits. Most importantly, an open Internet allows members of our community -- especially ones who have been marginalized by the traditional media gatekeepers -- to tell their stories on their terms. 
Additionally, online business services form much of the technological backbone of our organization. If RETN is forced into the “slow lane” by the repeal of rules that currently require Internet service providers to treat all of the traffic on their network the same, our ability to serve you will be greatly eroded. 
The Internet without Net Neutrality ceases to be the Internet as we know it. The FCC will act to repeal Net Neutrality rules on December 14. Now is the time to share your perspective by reaching out to Congress and the FCC.


  1. Go to
  2. Cite proceeding "17-108" (the subtitle is "Restoring internet freedom").
  3. Enter your name and hit the return key. (This has been reported as a challenge by some people.)
  4. Fill out the rest of the form. 
  5. Hit "Submit" - there will then be a second confirmation page. Hit "submit" again.
  6. The final page will include your confirmation number.