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Bring RETN to your school

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Bring digital videomaking into your school with workshops designed for teachers.

RETN is pleased to offer a series of professional development workshops specifically designed for educators. Using technology available in schools, and aligned with current academic standards and trends, these 2-hour sessions provide schools with on-site, hands-on training that can be used in the classroom the next day. All workshops are taught by our experienced team of instructors and are supplemented with online resources. 

To schedule a workshop and/or learn more, please email Community Engagment Manager Gin Ferrara at

Download our full workshop menu here: PDF icon ProfessionalDevelopmentWorkshops.pdf

Video Production Basics

Image + Sound + Light

  • A 2-hour workshop that teaches the basics of camera operation, audio recording, finding good light, and the principles of framing and composition. Examples of class projects and student work will be shared to inspire your own moviemaking in the classroom.
  • Requirements: None.
  • COST: $299 for up to 12 participants, each additional participant, $30

iMovie for iPads

A video studio in your backpack

  • A complete video editing studio is in your hands! Learn how to manage video files, trim and edit sequences, and use music, voiceover, and effects to tell an impactful story. A discussion of options for classroom use and choosing target audiences engages participants in practical applications.
  • Requirements: iPad with latest iOS and iMovie installed, at least 3Gb free space on tablet.
  • COST: $299 for up to 12 participants, each additional participant, $30

WeVideo and Mobile Mediamaking

Creating + publishing as a team

  • Participants will learn the basics of creating short videos with WeVideo, including downloading and sharing media, trimming clips, recording audio and using effects. It’s easy to present multiple perspectives with the same media, and explore point of view and issues of opinion vs. fact.
  • Requirements: Chromebooks with WeVideo, WiFi access to shared media server (ours).
  • COST: $299 for up to 10 participants, each additional participant, $30

Top Tips for Mobile Media in the Classroom

Expand your toolkit

  • This presentation-style overview introduces the basics of mobile video-making, with short videos, demonstrations, and hands-on exploration of iPad technology. A great session for participants with familiarity with iPads and iMovie, who can use some key pointers.
  • COST: $299 for up to 20 participants, each additional participant, $30

Have more time? Bring your team to us!

Two-Day Intensive iPad Workshop at the Media Factory

Filmmaking nuts and bolts

  • A comprehensive video workshop incorporating technical videomaking training, video storytelling technique, intensive iMovie editing, and conversations about lesson development, classroom media management, and production strategies for schools. Participants leave with a completed short video.
  • Requirements: iPad with latest iOS and iMovie installed, at least 3Gb free space on tablet. Other apps may be added on site.
  • COST: $250 per participants, minimum of 8 participants