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We provide the opportunity for all our community members to create media and tell their unique stories. Together, public media enables us to learn and grow.


We believe that public media should first and foremost serve the community. That means providing every person in our viewing area access to the tools, skills, and opportunity to tell their stories, share their events, and make connections with media technology. 

By providing low-cost, high-quality trainings and events, and FREE equipment loans and distribution of community-made media, we provide a valuable public service. With your generous donation, we can serve even more schools, organizations, and individuals, who will in turn share their knowledge and experiences with the broader community. In this way, we all benefit.

Please consider a 100% tax deductible contribution to RETN.



Past contributions made a variety of special projects possible, including production and journalism work with local high school students, music productions with elementary school students, scholarships for monthly workshops at the Media Factory, and delivery of national and international news and cultural television programs.