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Women Inspired with Terry Wildemann: How to be an Unstoppable Leader

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Being a leader can be highly stressful and demanding. Terry Wildemann, creator of Intuitive Leadership®, helps entrepreneurs and professionals become unstoppable and resilient intuitive leaders so they can positively serve and influence others. Author of The Enchanted Boardroom, Terry shares her timely message for tapping into intuition for self-connection, integration and self-care.

In today's episode of Women Inspired, you'll learn:
What is Intuitive Leadership and why it's important for leaders to tap into their intuition.
How does listening to intuition increase your bottom line?
How do intuition and stress affect managing projects?
Why do leaders who work with intuition succeed in being heard and understood by their clients, customers and teams?
How does intuition work with making quick decisions you don't regret?